Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello World!

My name is Lang and I’m a tennis enthusiast.  I’m inspired by fellow tennis tweeps, specifically Jonathan Kelley, so I have decided to start my own blog.  Probably not the wisest move considering my upcoming busy schedule but what the heck.

How I got into tennis
During middle school, my cousin and I were dragged to the park by an older cousin.  He gave us tennis lessons against our will.  To be fair, it was a lot better than the computer programming lectures he gave us the summer before.  But seriously, what was wrong with him?  Teaching C DOS commands to kids during summer vacation!

Anyhow, I don’t play the sport anymore.  In fact, haven’t touched my rackets in years due to a) I suck at tennis and b) reoccurring back ailments obtained from a hydroplane car crash four years ago (surprised I’m alive to be honest). But I like to watch matches and follow players on and off the court, especially on social media.  I started following the women’s game closely in 2011, but shifted my attention to the men’s a year later (because the men tennis forum was pathetic and in need of updates).  In the last several years, I grew to love junior tennis.  Find it exciting to watch young players develop and transition to the main tour. 

My favorite player is Rhyne Williams.  Several people have asked, why?  Rhyne might not be a slam winner and he may not mount to anything big.  However, I like his game and envy his care-free personality.  Plus, I love avid fishermen (fishing being a favorite childhood hobby of mine).  I enjoy following his career despite aging a year for every Rhyne match I witnessed.

Some of my other favorite active players are Robby Ginepri, Jared Donaldson, Brian Baker, Louisa Chirico, and Vicky Duval.  Also try to support other Americans because I am patriotic by nature (unfortunately). 

So this blog will focus on American tennis, as well as juniors but is not limited to those subjects.  I’m not a great writer and English is my third language so I apologize ahead for grammatical errors.  Originally, I wanted to go with “Ace Away” for the blog title, but it didn't really reflect the type of tennis I enjoy watching.  So I settled for “Just Drop The Ball”, inspired by this video I created.  

For my next post, I will talk about the history of my YouTube account and address the “Subliminal Message” accusations so stay tuned or not.